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Our Story

OuiRecruit Talent emerged from the recognition of a market demand for a specialized recruiting firm, a unique hub that caters to diverse recruitment needs under one roof. At OuiRecruit Talent, our focus is on cultivating profound and personal relationships that extend beyond mere surface-level connections. We are passionate about delivering unparalleled client service and candidate experience dedicated to forging impactful, and enduring partnerships. Thank you for visiting our site.

– Lucien Ilangwa

Our Distinctiveness

OuiRecruit Talent distinguishes itself as an extraordinary alliance, bringing together seasoned talent acquisition professionals and adept business development advisors across diverse industries, including Administrative Support, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Construction, Property Management, and Supply Chain and Logistics. This collaborative synergy results in a powerhouse team, collectively contributing a wealth of expertise to enhance your recruitment experience.
– Joe LaRai

Our Values

At OuiRecruit Talent, we stand by Good Governance, Diversity, and Confidentiality as the cornerstones of our approach. These values aren’t just words; they are tangible principles that guide our daily operations. We embody them in every decision, ensuring their authentic influence in our work and relationships. It’s not mere rhetoric; it’s a commitment deeply embedded in OuiRecruit Talent, shaping our interactions and enhancing the authenticity of our service.

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